3-year-old boy kills himself at his birthday party in Houston, Texas US – US: Three-year-old accidentally kills himself at his birthday party

A three-year-old was found with a gun, died accidentally due to death.

Highlights: Gun safety in the United States is a big deal. 3-year-old accidentally shoots himself in Houston child’s birthday party crash :

Gun safety is a big issue in America. Here in many states, ordinary citizens are permitted to keep firearms. Texas is one of those states where gun possession is universally recognized and from there a case of traumatic death of a three-year-old child has come to light. Police said on Monday that a three-year-old committed suicide at his birthday party in the city of Houston, Texas, after which he died. During the party he had found this pistol somewhere, which he accidentally pulled.

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Police said the incident happened in Porter, 25 miles from Houston on Saturday. At the child’s birthday party, the elders of the house were playing cards, when they heard a gunshot coming from another part of the house. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department reported that the child was found with a bullet in the chest. He was immediately taken to the fire station, but died there.

Officials said a pistol fell from the pocket of a parent, who grabbed the child.

Everytown, a gun safety organization, said that since the start of this year, there have been 229 incidents of unintentional shooting by children in the United States, of which 97 have been killed in children.

In the US constitution, permission was granted to retain firearms under the Second Amendment. One third of American adults own guns. The gun law is the most exempt in Texas.

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