4 things you need to know about a VPN

Right now you hear so much about it. What is it and what can you do with it?

Having a VPN connection is more normal than ever. We are in the midst of the corona crisis, which means that many people are working from home. In fact, your employer may require you to use a VPN in a home work situation. But what exactly is it and what is the need for a VPN ?

What is a VPN? But what are we talking about here? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You should see a VPN as a safe intermediary. You have an internet connection and want to surf the web or use internet services. A VPN is the intermediary that jumps between you and the final destination. A VPN gives you a secure connection, provides more privacy and also has other advantages.

VPN providers Arranging a VPN connection is really easy. NordVPN is one of the best known providers and they are represented on every platform. Whether you have to work from an Android or iOS device, or from your Windows computer or Apple MacBook. In all cases, the use of a VPN is possible.

Private benefits of a VPN Having a VPN for your work can also be a private solution. A VPN mimics a virtual location. That can be anywhere in the world. Sometimes you can choose a location yourself, sometimes an employer does that for you. With a different geo-location, your internet connection gets new possibilities. For example, with an American connection you have access to streaming services such as Hulu and HBO Go. Normally you cannot use this with a Dutch internet address. NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers in more than 60 different countries.

VPN mainly stands for Security If you have to work with sensitive information, security is a top priority. You also want to be safe privately. For example, with banking. A good provider guarantees servers with double encryption. This way you can be sure that no one is looking over your shoulders virtually.

It is advisable not only to consider a VPN NOW because it has clear advantages, but also because there are now good VPN offers .

Susan Nettles

Susan Nettles

Susan is a graduate of Electrical Engineering.Within our company, she looks after the technology-related blogs and articles. She is an excellent writer and pens his thoughts in the shape of"sci-tech" news that is completely dedicated to technology updates. In her spare time, Susan loves to perform electrical experiments that he also writes in his blogs. She's the university topper during her bachelor's.

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