46th president of the United States: when the new American president Joe Biden spoke about relations with India

New Delhi: Joe Biden America The President of the United States (President of the United States) will take over. Along with this, the India-America relationship will also be discussed in the coming days, once a year 2013 to which Biden asked such questions He answered himself. Then he told about his relationship with India. Aside from that, the question is, in the changed circumstances, how will the joint efforts of the Biden and Modi government bring color to India?

Chemistry between Modi-Biden?

When Biden was the vice president of the United States, he hosted a lunch for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington. Prime Minister Narendra Modi still represents India. In such a situation, the chemistry between these two leaders can have a significant impact on Indo-US relations.

In fact, the relationship of two countries is not just the relationship of two leaders, so it is believed that even after Biden’s victory, the friendship between India and America will remain the same as it is today. If it stays that way, there are some special things that need to be mentioned. One of these is the defense report.

Defense reports

According to experts, there is no possibility of major changes in defense. There will be joint exercises between the two countries. Military agreements will also continue.


relations Let’s talk about economic relations, they are expected to improve. The mutual business can grow because Joe Biden played an active role in that deal despite being Vice President. With this, Indians should get more green cards and more. It is also hoped that Indian companies will also benefit from the IT sector.

Mantra was started with
Even during the current elections in America, both Biden and Kamala Harris did their best to vote for the Indians who settled there. Biden’s relationship with India is very old. This is Joe Biden, who started his campaign with Mantra.

Not only that, Joe Biden and Indian-born vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris hailed Hindus around the world for Navratri. I can say that Joe Biden has a soft angle towards India. He talked about strengthening relations with India on many issues.

Connection with India

Joe Biden also once described a relationship with India. In the year Biden 2013 when he visited India as vice president, he said in Mumbai that the year 1972) When he first became a member of the Senate, he received a letter from Biden who lives in Mumbai. Through this letter he was told that Biden of India and Joe Biden’s ancestors are one and the same. His 18 ancestors worked in the East India Company in the 20th century.


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