5km art works abuse Iraqi Kurdish women

A work of art of sewn clothing from women who have survived domestic violence.

Sulaimaniya, Iraq:

An Iraqi Kurdish artist on Monday unveiled a stitched collage of women’s clothing for domestic violence survivors, along a five-kilometer (three-mile) road in Suleimaniyah.

“Three months ago, I started collecting clothes from women victims of violence from my husband and families in the region,” Tara Abdullah, who sewed the works of art, told AFP. art circulating in the city.

The visual artist asked the surviving women to donate a piece of clothing that symbolized their trauma and sewed them together to create a huge colorful patchwork.

“I have heard a lot of stories about the violence women in our society have endured during my research… There is a story behind every piece of this work,” she said.

The United Nations regularly condemns the “honor killing” of women in Iraqi Kurdistan, promoting progressive sexual behavior.

About 37.5% of Kurdish women aged 15 to 49 undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, according to the United Nations.

The figure for women in the rest of Iraq is less than 1%.

Out of desperation, Iraqi Kurdish women often commit suicide to avoid domestic violence or forced marriage.

Rights groups say domestic violence increased around the world during the lockdown earlier this year to stem the coronovirus outbreak.

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