7-year-old girl sexually abused in online classes, accused of 18 years

sexual harassment

This shocking incident occurred during the interruption of the online class, when the teacher asked the students to mute the video and turn off the video camera.


Chicago: A seven-year-old girl was sexually assaulted during an online class in Chicago, United States. This shocking incident is said to have occurred during a break in an online class in West Chesterfield when the teacher asked students to turn off the video and turn off the camera.

The victim’s camera was on

During the break, the victim’s camera was turned on and many students, apart from the teacher, witnessed the incident. Subsequently, the teacher informed the police of the case. When the police broke into the victim’s home to catch the suspect, the baby cried and said “I don’t know why, forgive me.”

I have been harassing for a year

Defendant Identification 18 Caterel A. of the year Waugh (Catrell A. Walls), accused of sexually abusing a girl under 13 is gone. Cook County Assistant State attorney Andrina Turano said Walls has sexually abused the girl in the past year. The victim also revealed that the defendant sexually assaulted her earlier, but she didn’t want her father to know all this.

Defendant was on bail in another case

It has been said that Cattrell is a Walls School senior and was already on bail in connection with possession of an illegal weapon. After the case came to light, the defendant’s attorney claimed that he has “some degree of disability,” so he is unable to control himself.

School management said worrying incident

Kovid – 19 Due to the epidemic, most schools are closed and online classes are held during this time. After the matter came to light, Janice Jackson, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, described the incident as “disturbing” and said student safety was a priority for school officials.


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