A 38-year-old Englishman is joked about the surname’Corona’. World news

The coronavirus outbreak has plagued everyone around the world by restricting everyone around the world to their homes, taking some safety measures while going out, maintaining social distancing, and maintaining all other strict COVID-19 norms. In the case of a 38 year old British, Jimmy is a little different.

For a man at Stoke-on-Trent, the coronavirus outbreak is slightly different from others due to his last name, Corona. This sounds like a word people hate since it was introduced to the world.

Jimmy Korona told the Mirror website that she had no sex problems before the COVID-19 outbreak, but now many people don’t take it seriously when speaking of sex. This eventually led Korona to take his ID to almost every place he visits as evidence to show people.

Corona had to show her identity when the child was born. The hospital staff did not believe in his last name and thought he was playing a joke.

“No one can believe that my name is Corona with the coronavirus epidemic. People down the bar come and say I can’t believe my name is Corona. Nobody believes in me except those I have known for years.” Here is a quote from the Mirror website.

He said, “So I showed my bank card or passport to prove it was my name, and it was always my name. It is strange that my name can be heard everywhere It’s really weird to hear your name keep saying.”

Corona said, “It is a name that no one has like Smith or Davis. Now it comes out every day in news, newspapers and radio. It’s crazy.”

“Thankfully, no one refused to ship because they thought it was a joke,” said Corona, who had a hard time getting the goods delivered, but when they arrived, they asked if the name was correct or if they were heard incorrectly.

“It’s crazy to have to try to prove my name is real,” corona added.

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