A leader close to Jair Bolsonaro has hidden the bribe money in a place like this, you can’t even think of it

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is on the news again. But the reason this time is not corruption, but corruption due to the Corona virus. Police have arrested an aide of Bolsonaro over misuse of funds earmarked for the Corona epidemic. The police also recovered some cash from the defendants, but police officers were also surprised to find out where the accused had hidden the money.

A refund of $ 5, 300,

according to local media, in the Senate, the police raided the home of Vice President Chico Rodriguez due to the misuse of funds allocated for the war from Corona. During this time, federal authorities recovered about $ 5,300, some of which had been stashed by Rodriguez inside his underwear. Reports from major Brazilian media outlets O Globo, Folha de S. Paulo and Estadao said police investigations found that Rodriguez had hidden some money inside his buttocks inside his underwear

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Some notes have a chair

The Brazilian magazine Revista Crusoe even reported that some of the notes were stained, due to which the investigating officers ran into a lot of trouble. However, Rodriguez denied allegations of receiving any money. He said: I am being targeted needlessly. I was only doing my duty as an MLA.

Switch on the Media

) Meanwhile, President Jair Bolsonaro has accused the media of plotting against his government. He said that the media is trying to prove the corruption of his government, and then such news is raised. He took credit for the police’s behavior himself, and said, “This operation is an example of the absence of corruption in my government, and the government is taking strict measures against corruption, regardless of the identity of the accused.”

Trending on Twitter

However, the president may say anything, but #PropinaNaBunda is trending on social media which means that the bribe money has been recovered from the buttocks. Some people wrote that this incident was recorded forever in history. President Bolsonaro is known to announce himself as the leader of the anti-corruption campaign, and in such a case, he is also questioned by proceedings on corruption charges close to him.


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