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A new button has been added to WhatsApp, which is really convenient.

A new button has been added to the WhatsApp messaging service, which makes it easier for you to participate in conversations with others.

To be completely honest, the messaging service was a little behind the times when it came to group talks. During the corona pandemic, this became abundantly obvious. Working from home has prompted a large number of people to engage in group talks. However, this feature is also quite handy for staying in touch with friends and family. WhatsApp took notice of this right away and is now taking another step forward in their development.

The WhatsApp button is quite convenient.

The new WhatsApp button allows you to participate in chats without having to leave the group. It is no longer necessary to first navigate to the call menu. Many new features have been provided by the corporation, including an increase in the maximum number of people allowed to eight.

Now, the business has introduced a new button that appears right in the group chat and allows you to join in on existing chats. It is “a new spontaneous approach to connect with their groups of family and friends,” according to the business, which developed the feature.

Conversations that can be shared

In July, WhatsApp introduced the feature of sharing conversations. To see pending calls, you had to navigate to the call menu, which was not intuitive. This new button makes it simple to become a member of a group and participate in a conversation. When a group is having a conversation, a little symbol will appear in the chat window’s group view to show that the group is still talking.

It also includes an improved “light” group call sound that makes it easier to distinguish a WhatsApp call even when your phone isn’t in your hand, according to the developers.

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