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A Tiger King Bugatti Chiron is currently being driven by a Dutchman.

In order to attract attention to a certain cryptocurrency, the Tiger King Bugatti Chiron of the Dutchman was created.

On Netflix, a real crime documentary titled Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness was released a year ago this month. Joe Exotic is the subject of an eight-part documentary that follows his life while he is serving a jail term.

Tiger King (TKING) is a parody cryptocurrency that was developed in response to the media frenzy around the person Joe Exotic. Anger over the cryptocurrency has spread to the Netherlands, thanks to a rich Dutchman who wrapped his Bugatti Chiron in a distinctive Tiger King wrap to show off his fortune. Joe Exotic will be released at the conclusion of the film. The cryptocurrency Tiger King, on the other hand, is the actual centre of attention (TKING). Driving from and through Amsterdam was completed earlier this week in a private vehicle.

It goes without saying that the ultimate goal is to raise the price. The driver, as well as, presumably, other parties with an interest, will have purchased in at a cheaper price. With this marketing gimmick, we’re looking for a rise in sales. For the time being, they have a bite. In the last 24 hours, the currency has already gained more than 20% in value from its previous value. When boarding, use caution since it is possible that a dump will follow at any time.
When it comes to altcoins that are introduced as memes and have little to no use case, it’s the same as gambling. In any way, obtaining Tiger King is a tough task (TKING). There are just a few cryptocurrency trading platforms that carry the coin.

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