About one million people vaccinate with Chinese cyanoform vaccine Covid-19

China has given the population experimental Kovid-19 vaccines.

Beijing, China:

About one million people have taken an experimental coronovirus vaccine developed by Chinese company Sinopharma, the company said, although it has yet to provide clear clinical evidence of its effectiveness.

China has been offering investigational Kovid-19 vaccines to people including government employees, international students and key personnel traveling overseas since July.

The president of Sinpharma told media this week that nearly one million people have now received their vaccine for emergency use, although they did not provide a precise figure.

“We haven’t received a single report of serious adverse reactions, and there were only a few mild symptoms,” Liu Jingjen said in an interview reposted by the state corporation on Wednesday.

China has been furious with the development of its vaccines against the new virus – which emerged in the center of the country late last year – with four vaccines currently in the testing phase.

Numerous tests are underway overseas, as China has largely brought the virus under control within its borders.

Cyanopharma has tested two vaccines in advanced stage trials in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Peru and Argentina.

The company claimed to “lead the world in all aspects” of vaccine development this week, although it did not provide clinical evidence from ongoing trials.

Instead, he cited the real-life experiences of those, including “construction workers, diplomats and foreign students,” who said they had traveled to more than 150 countries after being vaccinated without being infected.

President Xi Jinping has announced that any Chinese vaccine will be a “global public good” after criticism of the country, especially from the United States, of the first deal on the epidemic.

Many of those who have been vaccinated in China are not formal partners in the drug manufacturers’ trials and would have done so on purpose.

Competition has intensified the race to develop a Kovid-19 vaccine among pharmaceutical companies, with two vaccines – one by US company Pfizer and its German partner Biotech, and the other by US company Modern – this month here with data from Mass Publishing test, which was about 95% more efficient than its Kovid-19 shown.

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