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According to new reports, a new PUBG game for PC and consoles would most likely be built on Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 will be used to develop a new PUBG-related game.

While there have been rumours of a new PUBG game for consoles and PC for quite some time now, the most of those have been put to rest after the publisher and developers revealed that they will be incorporating some of the game’s features into the original PUBG. Project Re:Born, the working title for the highly anticipated sequel to the wildly successful battle royale game, has reportedly been scrapped, and its features will instead be used to improve the original game.

PlayerIGN reports that instead of a full sequel, the development team chose to focus on on engine update/overhaul for the original, similar to what was done with Overwatch 2. Now, a new job offering appears to suggest that PUBG Corporation (Amsterdam) is now hiring a Technical Art Director for a Unannounced Project that will be created on Unreal Engine 5, according to the description.

A new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game has not yet been confirmed; nevertheless, the fact that a sequel has not been officially revealed makes it a plausible candidate.

Unreal Engine 5 will be used to develop the new PUBG Corporation project.

While it appeared that a new PUBG game was dead in the water at first, a fresh job advertisement appears to indicate that the concept may still have some life in it. While PUBG’s battle royale contemporaries have chosen to release Season updates on a regular basis rather than full-fledged sequels, this appears to have worked out fairly well for all parties involved — including the players.

While PUBG has lost some of its early lustre, particularly on PC and console, it still has an extremely large playerbase that is still highly active, despite the fact that the game is no longer new. This means that abandoning all momentum in favour of releasing a new game rather than improving the present one does not make sense in the long run either.

But a sequel might help turn the wheels of the mainstream media once more and bring in new players, which is something PUBG has been dealing with as of late, according to the company.

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