Afghan forces stop Taliban attempts to arrest Helmand and JeM terrorists involved in attack | World news

The Taliban’s conspiracy to capture Afghanistan’s city of Rashkargar was thwarted by Afghani forces. This is the first major attack by the Taliban since the peace agreement with the United States was signed this year. Hundreds of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists have also been witnessed in Helmand, who are attacking Afghan security forces in cooperation with the Taliban.

Exclusive details accessed by Zee News revealed that a large group of JeM terrorists gathered in Taliban concentration camps prior to the attack in Helmand. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is providing weapons training to JeM terrorists in Taliban terrorist camps.

On Monday this week, US troops in Afghanistan launched multiple attacks against targets in Talivani, where the clashes were taking place. A US-Afghan spokesman said, “Over the past two days, the US-Afghanistan has launched multiple targeted attacks at Helmand to defend against the Afghan Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) under attack by Taliban fighters,” said a US-Afghan spokesman. Colonel Sony Reggaet.

The way the Taliban attacks were blocked at Helmand makes it clear that Afghan troops are now ready to deal with the Taliban without American help. “It will be a turning point as the Taliban fail to create Hell. Afghan military has proven that the United States can fight the Taliban without the support of the Afghan Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF),” said an Indian security officer who is aware of recent developments.

Shortly after the attack on Hellman, the Taliban launched a fake propaganda claiming to destroy the Afghani security force outpost on the outskirts of Rashikar. “With all the FAKE NEWS media amplifying the Taliban propaganda and our failed attempts at Helmand, we took care of the situation in hours. Thanks to HE Ashraf Ghani for highlighting our success story. We (ANDSF) are ready to defend our homeland and the world from the terrorist imposed! Tweeted Col Rahman Rahmani, author of Afghanistan a Collection of Stories.

ANDSF’s success in acting against the Taliban is of great importance for Afghanistan’s security. Afghan Acting Defense Minister Asadula Khalid visited Helmand on Wednesday to review the situation and praise the security forces in action.

“General Assadullah Khalid, acting minister of defense, visited the province of Helmand today. He discussed the security situation and new security plans with senior local officials. He praised ANDSF’s work and dedication to protecting Helmand residents,” tweeted Fawad Aman, spokesman for MoD (Afghanistan).

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