After Britain and South Africa, the first case of the new Corona strain has now arrived in this country

Corona strain is new

A person infected with the emerging coronavirus has recently returned to France from Britain. This person had no symptoms of corona and was kept in home isolation.

Paris: The new Corona strain found in Britain is now spreading to many countries of the world. Before that, many new strains of Corona appeared in South Africa. Now her first case has been detected in France. The French media report provided information on this topic.

The person has recently returned from Britain

The French person who was found to be infected with a new Corona strain recently returned from Britain. According to a report by the French station BFMTV, the Ministry of Health there has informed about the new strains present in this person. According to the report, this person does not show symptoms of Corona (Covid -) and is currently isolated at home.

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Until January

8 European countries are vulnerable to new Corona variables


The first case of a new coronavirus was discovered last week in Britain. This new Corona avatar spreads 70% more than the existing virus. According to the World Health Organization, cases of this new Corona virus have been discovered so far in a total of 8 European countries.

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