After Covid, recovering patients who need treatment are complaining of brain fog problems | After COVID: People suffering from corona are struggling with brain fog problems.

After recovering from coronavirus infection, many patients are arriving at hospitals with complaints about various problems. Doctors regard this problem as brain fog. This problem will remain for days or forever, and I can’t tell you now.

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Doctors believe that blood clots can cause brain fog during coronavirus infection. According to Dr. Chandril Chugh, a neurologist at Max Hospital, blood clots, or blood clots, may also freeze in the nerves of the brain. Because of this, the brain is affected. Many patients complain of weak brains.

Symptoms of brain fog
1. Inability to focus on something
2. Weakness of understanding
3. Headache remains

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What is the cure for brain fog There is
currently no cure for this problem. It can be modified in this way, but
1. Exercise
2. Meditation
3. Fresh air
4. Drink more water
5. Games like chess or solving puzzles

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What the figures say
1. One in four people are at risk of stroke.
2. 20% of stroke victims are under 40 years of age.
3. Stroke problems are more common in towns than in cities.
4. Stroke is the second largest cause of death in India.

What about a stroke?
When blood supply suddenly stops in any part of the brain, the cells (cells) in that part of the brain die. This condition is called a stroke or brain attack. This can make all parts of the body lifeless, such as part of the face, one side of the body, or the underside. This condition is also called paralysis or paralysis.

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Stroke Occurs Stroke can occur for a number of reasons. Know the main reason for this

1. High blood pressure
2. Smoking
3. Diabetes
4. Cholesterol increase
5. Excess junk food consumption
6. Pollution
7. Stress

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Changing lifestyles and bad habits are driving us to disease, and the damage is often permanent. If you have blood pressure or diabetes, control both of these ailments through medication and a better lifestyle. Exercise regularly even if you walk for about 30 minutes. Do yoga and meditation, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy foods that allow you to control the amount of salt, oil, sugar, and carbohydrates. This can reduce the risk of stroke.

Salon Stroke-
According to a salon stroke neurologist, a salon stroke or a barbershop stroke is a problem, and victims often arrive at the hospital. In fact, many times during neck massage, people’s neck veins are erroneously suppressed. There are many important veins in the back of the neck that lead to the spine and brain. However, many people are heavily massaged in this area of ​​the neck, which can cause serious problems, from stiff necks by incorrectly pressing on the veins.

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People also suffer from strokes by doing some yoga exercises wrong. Neck massage should be avoided in the doctor’s opinion. Get a light massage if necessary. It is recommended that wrestlers and beginners do not massage the neck. Problems such as severe neck pain or persistent stiffness can also contribute to some diseases. If a light massage does not cure your pain, or 5 to 7 days of physical therapy do not relieve your pain, it is advisable to see your doctor.

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