Air pollution linked to 15% of Covid-19 deaths worldwide Study – Exposure to air pollution increases Kovid-19 deaths by 15% worldwide: study

Air pollution exposure increases Kovid-19 death by 15% worldwide: study


According to a Tuesday study highlighting the health risks posed by greenhouse gas emissions, prolonged exposure to air pollution could account for 15% of Kovid-19 deaths worldwide. Previous research has shown how smoke and air pollution from factories reduces the age of every man, woman and child on earth by two years. Now, German and Cypriot experts say they have estimated the proportion of deaths from the coronovirus, which could be responsible for the widespread effects of air pollution.

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They combined this with satellite data on global exposure to particulate matter, as well as ground pollution monitoring networks, to calculate to what extent air pollution could be responsible for Kovid-19’s death. . In East Asia, the authors found that 27% of Kovid-19 deaths could be attributed to the health effects of poor air quality.

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In Europe the ratio was 19%, while in North America it was 17%. The co-author of the article, Thomas Munzel, said: “If long-term exposure to air pollution and infection with the Kovid-19 virus combine, it will be harmful to our health, especially in regarding the heart and blood vessels. . ”He said air pollution made risk factors for Kovid-19 such as lung and heart problems more likely.

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