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Amaravati farmers get support from actor Sonu Sood.

In a statement issued on Thursday, actor Sonu Sood expressed his solidarity for farmers in Amaravati, who have been protesting against the relocation of the state capital for more than 600 days.

Several farmers from Amaravati, including women, paid a visit to Sonu Sood as he arrived at Gannavaram Airport on his way to Vijayawada on his way to the state capital. They asked him to lend his support to their campaign, which celebrated its 632nd day this week.

Having played the role of good Samaritan since the Covid-19 epidemic broke out last year and has been giving a helping hand to those in need, the actor told the farmers that he is with them. “I am with them,” the actor said. When farmers approached him for assistance, he said, “Of course I am with you.”

Farmers have demonstrated in different locations across Amaravati in opposition to the state government’s plans for the trifurcation of the state capital. They are arguing that Amaravati should continue to serve as the only capital of the state.

The administration of the YSR Congress Party, headed by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, has chosen to relocate the administrative capital to Visakhapatnam and the judicial capital to Kurnool, while keeping Amaravati as the sole legislative capital in the country.

Meanwhile, Sonu Sood, who is often referred to as a “genuine hero” for his assistance to the poor and the needy, was greeted by a rousing reception from his admirers as he arrived at the airport. “The true hero is the general public. As he explained to reporters, “We are simply regular folks.”

The actor went in Vijayawada to help celebrate the opening of a private hospital. He also visited the Kanaka Druga temple, which is located atop Indirakiladri. Officials from the temple greeted him with open arms. The temple priests blessed him and gave him with ‘prasadam’ (food offerings) and mementos of their visit.

Afterwards, in an interview with reporters, the actor expressed his hope for an early conclusion to the epidemic so that people may return to their regular lives.

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