Amazing scientists of Indian origin identified 4 possible medications to treat corona

Corona virus
‘Remadecivir’, which is contained in these medicines, was originally developed to treat Ebola.

Washington: A US scientist and team in the US, together with ‘Remedesivir’ to treat Covid – 19 Four potential antiviral drugs have been identified. These drugs can effectively prevent the new coronavirus from multiplying in the human body. The remedesivir contained in these medicines was originally developed to treat Ebola.

Ramdecivir, 5-fluorouracil, in the treatment of Covid-19 by Associate Professor Kamlendra Singh and his colleagues at the University of Missouri, USA. Using a computer-based drug design to test the effects of ribavirin and favipirvir.

The study report published in Pathogens magazine found that all four drugs effectively prevent the RNA protein of the coronavirus from genomiculating the new coronavirus. Singh said, “Our goal in treating Covid – 19 is to provide doctors with an alternative and ultimately improve the health of patients with infectious diseases.” Contribute. ”

Researchers said that further laboratory and patient experiments were needed to determine how the possible treatment would respond to the virus’ “RNA polymerase”.

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