America strengthens Taiwan against China and will give many deadly weapons, including 135 missiles

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After the proposed arms deal between the United States and Taiwan, relations with China (US-China relations) may deteriorate.

WASHINGTON: Amid continuing tensions with China, the US administration gave Taiwan $ 1 billion (or nearly. It agreed to sell lethal weapons (an arms deal between the US and Taiwan) crores worth. This US decision could anger China, already angry over issues. Like trade, Tibet and Hong Kong, through this deal America wants to strengthen Taiwan against China.

The United States to give
7300 surface-to-surface missiles Under this deal, the United States will deliver 135 surface-to-surface missiles to Taiwan. These rockets are made by Boeing. Additionally, the United States will also train the Taiwanese military to improve defense capabilities, which has been approved by the State Department. The statement said that this package is worth more than one billion dollars.

The security and political stability of Taiwan
7300 will increase, and a statement said, “This proposed deal will help Taiwan maintain military balance and economic progress as well as improve its security and maintain political stability.” Taiwan will deal with surface attacks under this agreement. ” You will be able to act or resist. “

Also read – what never happens will happen. This time, there will be an all-out attack on the dragon.

The relationship between the United States and China may deteriorate
7300 The Trump administration has taken a very aggressive stance on Taiwan this year, and its relationship with China (the relationship between the United States and China) may worsen after these arms deals. Because China earlier responded fiercely to the US arms purchases by Taiwan.

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