America will donate 200 ventilators to India, with the first delivery coming soon

As part of efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the war with coronavirus, the United States has brought 200 ventilators to India to give up The first batch of its 50 ventilators will soon reach India.

Washington: America will give 200 ventilators to India as part of efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the Coronavirus War (fans). The first batch of his 50 ventilators will soon reach India. The United States has announced a $ 3.6 million funding to prevent corona from India.

US President Donald Trump announced last week that US COVID will treat patients and this’ India will donate a ventilator to help fight the “invisible enemy”. When asked whether Acting Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Ramona El Hamzaou was asked by the media during a tele-briefing whether India would pay the price for these ventilators, she said it was a donation”.

Don’t trade with ‘Dan’

Ramona Al Hamzawi said India is waging the war against Corona and how it can help those in need on behalf of the United States

Fans are provided as a supplement. When asked if this ventilator would be offered in a deal format in exchange for hydroxychloroquine provided by India, he said no, it wasn’t. This is an attempt to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the war with Corona. The United States donates ventilators to India, whose first game will be released soon.
Efforts are

growing stronger Hamajvi added: “We are working closely with the Department of Health and Family Care, the Indian Red Cross Society and other relevant stakeholders in India and the United States to be involved in the process of delivery, transportation and placement of these donated ventilators Huh. ‘He said these fans will be made available to intensify ongoing efforts in India.

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