Americans born in Jerusalem say Israel could be on country of birth list

Until now, Americans born in the city had just “Jerusalem” written on their passport (representative)


The United States said Thursday that its Jerusalem-born citizens could list Israel as their place of birth after President Donald Trump recognized the disputed holy city as the capital of the Jewish state.

Until now, Americans born in the city had simply written “Jerusalem” on their passports without specifying the country.

Indeed, immediately Jerusalem-born Americans can elect the State of Israel, but otherwise their passports will still only be called Jerusalem – an option that will certainly be preferred by many in the predominantly Palestinian eastern part of the city. .

The announcement comes days before the presidential election in which Trump promoted his unwavering support for Israel, a major reason for his evangelical Christian base.

During his first year in office, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and then moved to the United States Embassy, ​​putting the United States at odds with nearly every other country.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the passport change, saying: “The United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital and seat of government of Israel, but takes no position on the borders of Israel’s sovereignty.”

“The matter is the subject of final status negotiations between the two parties.”

Palestinian leaders have refused to accept the Trump administration’s diplomacy, calling it partisan on behalf of Israel.

Since September, the Trump administration has achieved successes as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan have agreed to recognize Israel despite the lack of a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Under a plan proposed by Trump earlier this year, the Palestinians would benefit from a limited and deserted state with a capital on the outskirts of Jerusalem, which would remain under full Israeli sovereignty.

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