America’s 18-point plan to surround China sought India’s support

Waugh Shington: With the increasing cases of coronavirus, anger is growing in China around the world. In the meantime, American Senator Thom Tillis, with the help of regional allies, has submitted an 18-point plan to the Chinese government aimed at COVID. 19 is responsible for keeping its lies, deceptions and information secret. What is special is that Tillis emphasized the strengthening of military relations with India in this plan. Simply put, America wants India’s support in the plan against China.

The senator criticized China, saying that the Chinese government has deliberately kept secret the information about the corona virus, causing it to take the form of an epidemic and losing millions of lives. This is a country that locks up its own citizens in internment camps, steals America’s technology and jobs, and threatens the sovereignty of our allies.

Time for the world to wake up

He went on to say that it was time for America and the whole world to wake up. My plan will blame the Chinese government for lying about COVID – 19. This will also prohibit China in addition to protecting the American economy and protecting human health. The American senator reiterated that China knew the harm and danger of Corona very well, but he continued to hide it. If the Chinese government had provided information at the right time, millions of people could have been saved.

refers to India

Funding of US $ 20 for military equipment under this 18-point plan Immediate approval was requested. It also mentions strengthening ties with regional allies and increasing sales of military equipment with India, Taiwan and Vietnam. The Senator’s plan is to bring all China-based manufacturing companies back to America. America should also gradually reduce its dependence on China for goods. China should be prevented from stealing our technology and American companies should be encouraged to regain our technology. Cyber ​​security should be strengthened to avoid Chinese hackers.

Ban Huawei

) Senator Thom Tillis said in his plan that the U.S. should ban Chinese technology company Huawei. So that US taxpayers’ money can be prevented from going to China. At the same time, he informed the Trump administration that Beijing should be withdrawn from the (Olympic) Olympics by formally requesting the International Olympic Committee.

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