Android 11 update: expected version and more features

New Android 11 developers are updating light spikes again.

Android 11 was actually expected during Google IO in May. Like many events, this event also declined due to the Corona crisis. There have also been delays in the development of the application itself. This means that during a digital Google IO, we can expect certain things but no output.

Android 11 now after been planned
The release of Android 11 is now postponed until the summer. The new driver version should be launched just before or at the same time as the new Google Pixel smartphones. We can see that preparations are in full swing in the third developer update that was released today.

What can we do in Android 11 wait?
Based on the first developer update, we have already been able to share a preview ad and the second developer update has also highlighted a number of cool features.

The third update from the developer also brings news. It turns out that you can now turn off all notifications. Indeed, you can also get rid of these annoying Bluetooth notifications and notifications regarding low battery voltage. A second improvement is that there is a “screenshot button”. With this button you can take a screenshot without opening any application. There will also be a “Cancel” function in the menu which makes it easier to open accidentally closed applications. In addition, a number of improvements are made to the menu to make it easier to use.

Finally, there will be an option to connect to the Internet via wired networks, so that you are no longer dependent on WiFi or Bluetooth. In short, it takes a while to wait, but you also get something.

Vanessa Guess

Vanessa Guess

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