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Android 12 Released In Early October

A leaked confidential Google document allegedly reveals Android 12’s tentative release date: October 4. The paper was discovered by XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman (AOSP).

It appears the paper also specifies when Android 12 will be released for handhelds and tablets.

When Google published Android 12 in February, they still hadn’t declared an official release date. Already a seven-month wait. Furthermore, the leaked paper indicates that Android 12 has experienced some development issues compared to Android 11. It’s taken longer than Android 10 and Android 11, which were only a year apart (10 released in 2019, and 11 launched only last year).

Android 12 Release Could Mean More If the Android 12 rumour is true, the highly anticipated Google Pixel 6 could be on the way. The Google Pixel 6’s release date has also not been revealed, although analysts anticipate it will come pre-loaded with Android 12. Other Pixel phones that support the new OS include the 5a, 5, 4a, and even the 4a 5G, according to TechAdvisor. Google has already revealed teaser photographs of their forthcoming handset on Instagram, adding to the hype:

What Can Android 12 Offer? The only thing users can do until an official release date for Android 12 is announced is look at the expected improvements. And they’re shaping up nicely.

One of the most important is great accessibility. One can operate their phones with face motions. Camera Switches in the OS allow this.

Those with fine motor difficulties would no longer need to tap the screen to operate their phone. They can simply open their mouths, glance left, right, or up, grin, or raise their brows.

In any case, Android 12 is nearing completion and will soon be available on new devices from major OEMs including Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus.

Apple’s Stats Anticipate Apple’s hyped-up iOS 15 updates. But, like Google, they haven’t specified a release date. It may only be for a short time, as their next big reveal is scheduled for September 13.

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