Anger after Kamala Harris’ nephew tweeted an image depicting Durga’s aunt as a goddess | World news

Hindu groups in the United States have sought an apology from Senator Kamala Harris’ nephew who tweeted a “aggressive” image of the Democratic vice presidential candidate as the goddess Durga.

Out of anger, Kamala Harris’ nephew Meena Harris deleted the tweet.

In a tweet that was now deleted, Meena Harris said, “There is really nothing to say except that Navaratri’s first day was LIT.”


In the photo, Kamala Harris, who is also a Democratic vice presidential candidate in the U.S. election, was depicted as the goddess Durga and was seen killing U.S. President Donald Trump, portrayed as the buffalo demon “Mahisha Sura”.

In the photo, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was portrayed as a goddess’s’Bar Hana’ (vehicle) lion.

Suhag A Shukla of the Hindu American Foundation tweeted, “I tweeted a caricature of Maa Durga, the new face of a woman with overlapping faces, and it badly harassed many Hindus worldwide.”

Representing the Hindu American community, HAF has also issued guidelines for commercial use of images associated with Hindu gods and goddesses.

Rishi Bhutada of the Hindu American Political Action Committee said the “aggressive” painting was not made by Meena Harris himself. Bhutada added that the controverisal images circulated on WhatsApp before Meena tweeted. According to Bhutada, the Biden campaign confirmed that no image was created.

Azeisha, a convocation of American Hinduism against defamation, said in a statement that the image had offended the Hindu community.

“If you think you will win the Hindu vote by mocking us, think again, this image is very insulting and insulting to the Hindus. Our god is not the cultural curiosity you mock and trivialize. And do you delete without apology?” The eminent writer Shefali Vaidya said in a tweet.

Kamala and Biden met the Hindu-American community in Navratri a few days ago and once again hoped for a victory of good over evil.

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