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Apple describes the iPad Mini screen difficulties as ‘enthralling.’

Users have reported issues with the iPad Mini’s screen, which Apple believes is normal behaviour for an LCD screen.

Messages from users who are experiencing difficulties accumulate quickly. People began to voice their dissatisfaction with ‘jelly scrolling’ shortly after the iPad Mini was introduced. When they scroll down their screen, they are experiencing a strange “jelly-like” effect. According to the tech giant, it’s standard behaviour for an LCD panel to exhibit this behaviour.

iPad Mini screen issues have been reported.

When you purchase a new iPad, you don’t expect to receive a gift. One side of the screen appears to be sliding at a faster rate than the other, giving the impression that the screen is wobbling. It is unlikely that a rapid fix will be found. This is due to the fact that Apple has responded to Ars Technica’s request for comment. There is a statement that the wavering of the gadget screen is not a concern at all. Okay…

Images of the problem have previously circulated on the internet:

According to an Apple spokeswoman, the jelly-like look that users experience is typical of LCD screens since they refresh line by line as they refresh. Consequently, it is typical for the lines on top of screen to refresh at a faster pace than the lines on the bottom of the screen.


The question is, what do you do? According to Ars Technica, the impact is significantly more evident on the iPad mini than on other 60Hz LCD iPads, even the most recent entry-level model released in conjunction with the mini. There is also a clearly visible line that splits the screen in the middle when the tablet is viewed from a portrait orientation.

Apple, on the other hand, does not find it particularly thrilling and maintains its view that it is ‘normal’ and that people should get used to it. However, the greater the number of people who voice their dissatisfaction, the more probable it is that Apple will take action.

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