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Apple didn’t tell you everything there is to know about the iPhone 13 Plus

This is what Apple didn’t tell you about the iPhone 13 Pro Max when it first announced it.

Apple occasionally leaves out information from their presentations because they do not deem it important. For example, you may find that the iPhone 13 Pro Max may be charged quickly.

With the new iPhone 13 Max, you can now enjoy a screen that runs at 120Hz. Something that the flagship devices running Android have had for quite some time. Fast charging is something that Android flagships have also enjoyed for a long time. Apple appears to be lagging behind the competition in this area. However, there is a development taking place in regards to the iPhone 13 Pro Max and rapid charging.

Apple themselves has not stated anything, however YouTuber ChargerLAB has shared this information with the public. They make that claim based on their own investigation. As it turns out, charging the iPhone 13 Pro Max is significantly faster than charging the iPhone 12 Pro Max when using the proper cable. The disparity isn’t really dramatic. Fast charging takes 27W, whereas it takes 22W with the 12 Pro Max. However, it does save a couple of minutes. Charge time for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is less than 90 minutes, making it a fast charger.

It is necessary to utilise the proper cable in order to receive the 27W rapid charging rate. In any other case, the smartphone will not be able to charge at this rate. In order to charge at 27W, you must have a 30W charger. Apple sells a 30W USB-C Power Adapter, although it is relatively pricey compared to other options. You can acquire a charger like this for less money from third parties, and it will charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max in the shortest amount of time feasible.

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