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Maintaining physical health is very important. It doesn’t allow many diseases to come to us. However, body obesity also suffers from many problems. This causes a lot of diseases. A good diet or diet is very important to control obesity. Onion rings, green tomatoes, potato chips, French pie and okra will increase weight. You also leave behind greasy food. You eat vegetables to stay healthy, but some vegetables also increase obesity. Because this vegetable contains a lot of starch, the body digests it and turns it into extra sugary fat.

Refuse sweet corn If you
eat sweet corn, leave it alone. Not only is it dangerous for health, it also increases weight. Sweet corn is high in starch, which increases blood sugar. Sweet corn should not be eaten for weight loss.

Reduced potato consumption
We use potatoes a lot as a vegetable. But you shouldn’t spend a lot. It is effective for gaining weight. Contains starch content. Also, you shouldn’t eat too much carrots.

Cabbage and broccoli are suitable for cauliflower health, but eating in large amounts can lead to weight gain. Cabbage also increases acidity (gas in the stomach) problem.

Do not eat packaged salads
Pancake salads should be avoided. Salads ordered in a restaurant should be eaten less. Many kinds of vegetables are mixed. The amount of trans fat increases. This will increase your obesity.

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(Note: doctors consult before taking any action)

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