Awe of China! Pakistan lifted the ban on Tiktok within 10 days


Now let’s call it the awe of China or something like that the Imran Khan government of Pakistan lifted the ban on the Chinese TikTok app within days. TikTok was accused of spreading obscenities in Pakistan.


Islamabad: Pakistan (Pakistan), which was following China’s bailout plan, lifted the ban on the Chinese social media app Tiktok (TikTok). In just 10 the Imran Khan government of Pakistan withdrew its steps. Previously, Pakistan had banned TickTock, accusing it of spreading obscenities.

Okay now

While providing information on the lifting of the ban, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority said that Ticketock has blocked the accounts of all those users involved in the dissemination of pornography and immoral acts. Then the ban on the app is removed ‘. This decision by the government of Pakistan shows that it does not have the courage to take action against China. When Pakistan banned Tiktok, it was clear that in a few days this severity would be claimed and the same happened.

India has taken this big step to increase maritime strength, will increase China’s restlessness

Complaints Were Received Continuously

The telecommunications authorities were constantly receiving complaints about Tittock. The Chinese app has been accused of spreading obscenities. In view of this, TikTok was banned almost 10 days ago. In this regard, the authority issued a statement stating that the app had been alerted for several months, but took no action. Therefore, it was decided to block this app across the country.

No courage in Pakistan

Some countries, including India, have already banned TikTok from the ByteDance company. India has banned many Chinese apps in the wake of the border dispute and is still standing on it. But it is impossible for Pakistan to show this courage, because Pakistan grows on the pieces thrown by China. Chinese companies can do anything there. It can be noted that some time ago, Pakistani soldiers were beaten by Chinese workers engaged in the work of the China-Pakistan economic corridor, even then the government and the army of Imran Khan were silent.

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