Barack Obama’s new book, A Promised Land: “Our Division Runs Deep”

Barack Obama says in his next book that the division is “deepening” in the United States.

Washington, United States:

Former President Barack Obama says in his next book that the division is “deepening” in the United States and that Donald Trump’s departure from the White House will not be enough to bridge the gap.

In an excerpt from “A Promised Land”, which went on sale Tuesday, Obama spoke of the four years that have passed since his resignation.

“Our democracy is on the brink of crisis. This crisis lies in a fundamental competition between two opposing visions of America and what it should be, ”Obama said in an excerpt published Thursday in The Atlantic.

“The crisis has made the body politically divided, angry and suspicious,” he said.

It “enabled respect for institutional standards, procedural guarantees and basic facts that Republicans and Democrats once gave”.

Obama said he was “encouraged” by the electoral victory of his former vice president, Joe Biden, and running mate Kamala Harris, and by his “character and ability to do the right thing”.

“But I also know that no election will resolve the issue,” Obama said. “Our divisions run deep; our challenges are difficult. ”

“Part of my hope for the future is that I have learned to inspire confidence in my fellow citizens, especially the next generation.”

“My book is for these young people – an invitation to remake the world once again and to put it through a huge dose of hard work, determination and imagination, an America that aligns best with us. Obama said.

In the first section of the 768 pages of his memoir, the 44th US President revealed that he handwrites with a pen on a yellow pad on the computer and expresses his inability to be brief.

He explains how he and his wife, Michelle Obama, “are trying to find a safe place to catch a night out” in the White House and how “physically and emotionally” left the White House in January 2017.

“For a month Michelle and I slept late, ate quietly, took long walks, swam in the ocean, took stock, rekindled our friendship, rekindled our love. Used to research and plan a less hectic task – a second task, hopefully no less satisfying, ”she says.

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