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Battlefield Mobile’s first pictures have been released!

The Battlefield Mobile game is on its way, and the first pictures have been released.

A smartphone version of a game that is very well-known currently is also available. The smartphone is, of course, used by practically everyone, which makes sense logically. As a result, there is a substantial market. Electronic Arts (EA) is currently developing a mobile version of the Battlefield video game.

Images Battlefield Mobile is a mobile game developed by Electronic Arts.

The game is currently in the testing phase, and players are already able to take part in it. Alpha testers, among other places, have been posting the game’s initial images on Reddit and other social media platforms. This is currently being trialled in Asia to see how effective it is. This is only available to a small set of gamers, and not everyone will be able to participate in this test period. EA, in contrast to other games in this phase, encourages testers to share their experience. The reason for this is so that they can receive feedback on their work.


The first videos showcasing the first gameplay of Battlefield Mobile have now been released. All of the action takes place in the Grand Bazaar map, which was previously released. During a Conquest match, the map is heavily focused on tanks and infantry. What’s more interesting is seeing how the player may customise his soldier’s arsenal with various weapons. As is customary in the following game modes: Assault, Support, Medic, and Recon, respectively. Of course, players can progress through the game by unlocking new upgrades and perks for each weapon. This isn’t all that unexpected.

It is possible to observe at the top of some videos that the smartphone’s own statistics can be shown on the screen. It can be concluded from this that the test version constantly maintains 60 frames per second and that the SOC temperature stays below 45 degrees Celsius. And that’s significant since Battlefield Mobile places a high demand on your smartphone’s capabilities. This is especially true for your GPU, which is typically loaded to 95 percent capacity during peak periods. The performance of your smartphone is dependent on the model you have. In any case, the first photographs are quite pleasing to the eye. We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of the game.

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