Belgium may have to return to full COVID-19 containment, virologists | World news

Brussels: Without a reversal of Corona 19 infection and a surge in hospitalization, Belgium could return to full closure, a senior virologist in Belgium said in a newspaper interview on Tuesday.

In an interview with La Derniere Heure, Yves Van Laethem said, “then we’ll have to consider more restrictive measures similar to closures such as those imposed in March and April.”

Van Laethem, who covers a national press conference on the COVID-19 situation, says that only the ultimate vaccine or effective treatment will overcome the epidemic. As cases rise again in Europe, Ireland imposed some of Europe’s most stringent COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, and Wales is set to begin a two-week “arson” blockade on Friday.

Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke said Sunday that Belgium’s capital Brussels and southern Wallonia were “close to a tsunami” and were in worse health than anywhere else in Europe.

He said the tsunami meant the authorities had lost control over the situation, which meant that all non-COVID medical procedures had to be postponed.

11 million people reported an average of 7,876 new infections daily for a week through October 15 on Monday, with an average of 252 hospital admissions and 30 deaths. When the coronavirus peaked in the spring of late March, more than 600 people were hospitalized in Belgium in one day.

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