Benjamin Netanyahu, with difficulty, approved the decision to dissolve the parliament in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel is close to holding general elections for the fourth time in two years. Benny Gents, aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has also opened a front against him. If elections are held, Netanyahu will be in trouble, because people are really angry with him.


Jerusalem: The political crisis in Israel has deepened. With the early decision to dissolve parliament passed by a majority, the country came close to holding general elections for the fourth time in two years. Meanwhile, Benny Gantz, an ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government, accused Netanyahu of being evil. He said it was better now to have new elections in the country.

Corruption allegations

This is a difficult period for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They have already been accused of corruption and protests have been going on for a long time. In such a situation, if elections are held, it will be difficult for Netanyahu to return to power. – In favor of the proposal submitted by the opposition to Parliament 54 to dissolve the parliament in Israel on Wednesday

Voice during the opposition. This proposal will now be referred to the Legislative Committee for discussion.

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The previous day, Assistant Cabinet and Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that his Blue and White party would vote in favor of the bill, accusing Prime Minister Netanyahu of constantly misleading people because of his political goals. According to information, parliament can be dissolved after the last vote early next week. There may be a re-election in Israel in March or April.

Now everything is on Benjamin

Gantz claimed that the prime minister has not kept the coalition’s promise since the government was formed. He said recently that coalition partners should know what their leader is doing. Things have gotten so bad that we don’t have a way now. Now if there is any responsibility to save the government and the coalition, it is Netanyahu. They have to decide what they want.

Encountering the differences


Please say that Netanyahu is the head of Likud, while Gantz is associated with Blue and White. In May, the two parties formed the government by mutual agreement. However, soon differences began to appear between the two parties. Gantz says Benjamin Netanyahu opposes the plaintiff, but the prime minister has denied the allegations. It is believed that talks could be held on both sides to delay the final vote. Netanyahu will do his best not to hold the elections again, otherwise he may face a lot of problems. Please say that Netanyahu is a good friend of US President Donald Trump

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