Bhutan rejects China’s claim to settle a village near Doklam, he said


Chinese reporter Shen Shiwei tweeted that China had established a new village in Doklam.

The Chinese reporter shared the photo of the village of Doklam.

New Delhi: Bhutan has rejected the claims made by a Chinese journalist regarding the creation of a “village” in the Doklam area of ​​Bhutan. The Bhutan ambassador to India made it clear that there is no Chinese village within Bhutan. Please say that Chinese reporter Shen Shiwei had tweeted and claimed that China has established a new village in the Doklam area.

No Chinese Village Within Bhutan

Speaking to the affiliated channel of EEZ NEWS WION, Ambassador of Bhutan Major General Vatsop Namgyel categorically denied the claim and said, “There is no Chinese village in Bhutan.”


As the controversy escalated, the reporter deleted the tweet

CGTN News senior producer Shen Shiwei on Twitter shared a photo of China’s inhabited village in Doklam. The beauty is that this place is only 9 kilometers away from the disputed place in Doklam in the year 2017. However, when the controversy increased, the reporter deleted the photos, but by then the tweet had gone viral.

The reason was to show China’s development.In

reality, Chinese reporters wanted to post pictures of this village and tell how much development work China has done near Doklam, but the Chinese were exposed as soon as the photos arrived, because this area is on the border with Bhutan.

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