Big changes in the Islamic laws of the UAE, justified coexistence, alcohol too halal!

Dubai . The Islamic laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have brought about great changes. After the changes in Muslim personal law in the UAE, unmarried couples also have the right to live together. That is, living in a relationship is no longer a crime. Not only that, now people over the age of 21 will also be able to store alcohol, which until now was prohibited.

Honor Killing Now Crime

Law has been abolished in the UAE to justify killing women in the name of honor. Along with this, ‘honor killing’ has now been considered a legal offense.

Place Western Culture in Islamic Country

The UAE has expanded the scope of personal freedom with this change in Muslim personal law. Despite Islamic law, the UAE has given Western culture a place to attract foreign tourists, businesses and industries. This is a step towards a new UAE. The new royal decrees of the UAE say that the purpose of these reforms is to promote the economic and social prestige of the country and send a message to the world that it is changing its mind to become part of the global scenario.

Action taken after agreement with Israel

World Expo will be held in Dubai next year. At the same time, the UAE is also engaged in promoting tourism. These changes are also linked to the Israel-UAE agreement.

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