Bill Gates, India’Inspiration’ Announces Big Announcement on COVID-19 Vaccine Launch | World news

Amid rising coronavirus COVID-19 cases worldwide, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said Monday (October 19) that the COVID-19 vaccine will be released in the summer of 2021. He added that the COVID-19 vaccine would be the fastest. Can be developed.

Gates made a statement while speaking at the virtually held 2020 Grand Challenge annual meeting. A former Microsoft boss argued that the global community should take action to tackle the next pandemic, and that a vaccine platform should be built to effectively combat the pandemic of the future.

Gates reaffirmed that India’s research and manufacturing capabilities will play an important role in the fight against COVID-19. He added that India is “very encouraging” because it has taken several steps to improve people’s health over the past 20 years. “Now, research and manufacturing in India will be important to combat COVID-19, especially when it comes to large-scale vaccine production,” he said.

“Researchers are breaking silos and 1,37,000 COVID-19 genome sequences have been shared. The first approved COVID-19 vaccine may be an mRNA vaccine, but there are problems. The manufacturing of mRNA vaccines is difficult to scale and presents a logistical problem as it requires a wide cold chain. In the future, mRNA platforms could be developed to increase the thermal stability of the vaccine. Further research is also needed to develop monoclonal antibodies. If you need to develop cheaper and faster monoclonal antibodies, delivery platforms can help. Innovation in sensitive and specific diagnostic processes for the future. Diagnosis is failing. Right now we are fighting COVID, and in the US, 3 out of 4 people are not diagnosed.”

The time has come to develop a sensitive and specific diagnostic process, according to Gates. Gates says COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the global economy, leading to a serious economic downturn.

The Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2020 starts on October 19th and continues until October 21st.

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