Boris Johnson did this to honor doctors who save lives

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson)) and her fiance Carrie Symonds named her newborn son Wilfred Laurie Nicholas Johnson. He named it after his grandfather and two intensive care doctors who saved Boris Johnson’s life in the intensive care unit in the fight against COVID – 19.

Carrie Symonds announced the name on Instagram on Saturday and shared a picture of herself and her son. The picture shows that the hair of the son of Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson is as gray as that of the father.

32 Carrie Symonds of the year said her Wednesday-born son Wilfred, the name of Boris ‘grandfather, and Laurie, Carrie, is Symonds’ grandfather, while Nicholas refers to the names of the two doctors Nick Price and Nick Hart, who Boris Johnson saved lives at St. Thomas’ Hospital last month.

Carrie Symonds thanked the maternity staff at University College London Hospital and said, “I couldn’t be happier with it, my heart is full.”

55 Monday recovers from Boris Johnson covid – 19 Monday returned to work. He became very sick from the outbreak of the corona virus. He thanked the doctors at St. Thomas Hospital for saving his life.

The director of St. Thomas Hospital, Price, said: “We are honored and grateful to have been recognized in this way. We wish the new family good health and happiness. ‘

Let us tell you that the symptoms of the coronavirus were also found in Carrie Symonds, which recovered quickly. Carrie said in February that the baby would arrive in early summer. Boris Johnson was present at the birth and will take a short paternity leave this year.

Boris Johnson’s personal life

Symonds and Johnson have lived together on Downing Street since taking office as Prime Minister in July. In February he announced that he had done the matchmaking and is now waiting for his first child.

The British media described Boris Johnson’s personal life as complicated. He was once released from the Conservative Party political team for lying about an extramarital affair. He is divorced twice and refuses to say how many children he is a father of.

In 2013, when Boris Johnson was Mayor of London, the court ruled that the public had the right to know that he had a woman’s right. They had an extramarital affair that gave birth to their daughter.

Johnson was previously married to lawyer Marina Wheeler. They had four children with them, but in September 2018 they announced their separation. And they divorced earlier this year.

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