British billionaire James Dyson sells Singapore’s “most expensive” house cheaply

Singapore: British billionaire and bagless vacuum cleaner inventor James Dyson is selling his Singapore-based three-story penthouse. The surprising thing is that this deal will be much lower than the price he bought the penthouse almost a year ago.

Done deal

) Dyson and his wife bought the penthouse for $ 74 million, but now has nearly $ 100 and is ready to sell for less. According to information, the 62 deal is expected to be in Singapore dollars million. A spokesperson for the Dyson firm declined to say much about the deal, saying only that the paint deal was underway and that Dyson would own a home in Singapore.

Boasting many luxurious facilities

Located in Tanjong Pagar Center, Singapore’s tallest building, this super five-bedroom 600-bedroom penthouse – has a separate room to hold bottles of wine. . Not only that, it has many luxury amenities such as a private lift, swimming pool, jacuzzi and bar. This 21 penthouse is built in thousands of square feet.

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it has become the most expensive house

According to Business Times, the newspaper that first revealed the deal, Dyson accepted 62 million-dollar offer for Penthouse. Whereas he bought this penthouse about 15 years over a year ago. The penthouse, which offers a beautiful view of the city, hit the $ 100 million mark a while ago, making it the most expensive home in Singapore.

left Great Britain and moved to Singapore

The buyer of the penthouse is Indonesian-American industrialist Leo Coguan. James Dyson has another luxury home in Singapore with an indoor waterfall. Dyson is known to have moved its company headquarters from Great Britain to Singapore. Last year, he decided to stop working on plans to make electric cars, as he wasn’t seeing much profit. However, the company spokesperson says Dyson is fully committed to expanding its R&D and other operations in Singapore.

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