British pharmaceutical company Modern announced the launch of the experimental COVID vaccine

Modern COVID is one of the few companies undergoing final testing for the vaccine

Modern, a pioneer in the race to develop a vaccine against the new coronovirus, said Thursday it was preparing to launch the experimental vaccine and had already raised $ 1.1 billion for supplies.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company has signed agreements with the U.S. government and several other countries, and is in talks with a WHO-led group to supply the vaccine, which is being tested in humans at a far reaching advanced stage. .

Although the company did not give a clear timeline on how to release data from those tests on Thursday, it said initial data in the coming weeks would depend on the number of infections seen in its study of 30,000 volunteers. .

Modern, which does not yet have an approved product on the market, is one of the few companies undergoing final vaccine testing, alongside large pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

“I think if we launch our COVID-19 vaccine, 2021 could be the most important turning point in the history of modernism,” said Stephen Bansell, CEO.

The company said it was negotiating a price proposal for its vaccine with the COVAX facility backed by the World Health Organization.

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