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CarPlay is not working properly on your iPhone 13 because of iOS 15.

Apple is currently working on a project. CarPlay does not appear to work properly on the brand new iPhone 13, which runs iOS 15.

If you have recently purchased a new product, you will understandably want everything to run as smoothly as possible. Particularly if you have to pay a significant sum of money for it. That does not appear to be the case while using the iPhone 13 with iOS 15 in conjunction with CarPlay, according to our tests. There has been an influx of complaints from iPhone 13 owners on social media, claiming that devices are having problems in the automobile.

CarPlay problems with iOS 15

According to MacRumors, one of the issues is that no music can be played on the computer. As soon as you attempt to play music, the programme crashes. It makes no difference which music application is utilised. It would operate well on prior iPhones, though, indicating that this is a problem with the recently released iPhone 13.

Apple CarPlay would have issues both wirelessly and through a wired connection. Some have managed to make it useful. However, an application such as Spotify must remain visible on the screen. As soon as you go to another application, the machine becomes unresponsive.

Apple will have to deal with this because it is such a significant issue for the company. The iPhone 13 should be able to resolve this issue after receiving an iOS 15 software update. The only issue is how swiftly the American technology behemoth will respond.

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