Case of Islamophobia: the French president gives an adequate response to Imran, he stops talking

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron) Provided an adequate response to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on charges of attacking Islam. He tweeted in English and Urdu which respects all differences in the spirit of peace. Earlier, the Pakistani Prime Minister had tweeted and accused Emmanuel Macron of promoting Islamophobia.

Emmanuel Macron tweeted
After this, Emmanuel Macron tweeted and said: ‘We will never let that happen. We respect all differences in the spirit of peace. We do not accept hate speech and defend rational arguments. We will always defend human dignity and universal values. “

We will never give up, ever.

We respect all differences in a spirit of peace. We do not accept hate speech and defend reasonable debate. We will always be on the side of human dignity and universal values.

– Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) October 25, 2020

Imran Khan tweeted the allegations

Imran Khan said, “Instead of removing racism and polarization, President Macron is committed to giving the terrorist the healing touch and denied space, which definitely shows his fundamentalist thinking. It is unfortunate that President Macron is encouraging Islamophobia by attacking Islam instead of terrorists who commit violence. Unfortunately, President Macro has encouraged the display of cartoons against Islam and the primate Prophet of Islam and is deliberately forcing Muslims to flare up ”. He went on to say: “The president of France does not understand Islam, yet he has attacked and hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims in Europe and around the world.”

It is a pity that he chose to encourage Islamophobia by attacking Islam rather than terrorists who commit violence, whether they are Muslims, white supremacists or Nazi ideologues. Unfortunately, President Macron has chosen to deliberately provoke Muslims, including his own citizens,

– Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) October 25, 2020

As to what started the controversy between the two

In fact 16 in October, while teaching the text of freedom of expression, student Samuel Patty, a teacher showing the disputed cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, was strangled. After this, French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the teacher and said the teacher was killed because the Islamists want our future.


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