China as a whole WHO criticizes idea of ​​immunity for mail virus

Liner to be tested for coronovirus, as part of a mass testing program.

Beijing, China:

China ran Tuesday to test an entire city of nine million people after a small coronovirus outbreak, as the WHO warned that allowing the pathogen to roam freely to gain herd immunity was “scientific and ethics. Formally problematic ”.

The virus is still spreading rapidly around the world, with more than 37 million infections, and countries that quelled previous outbreaks are now grappling with a new outbreak – especially some from Europe in Spare Parts.

In the absence of a vaccine, with the government allowing the virus to spread uncontrollably, China on Sunday launched a massive campaign to test all residents of Qingdao after detecting a handful of cases.

The city’s health commission said on Tuesday: “At 8 am… our city took 3.08 million samples for nucleic acid testing.”

Chinese officials plan to test the entire city – about 9.4 million people – by Thursday.

Unlike testing efforts in other countries, health workers in protective clothing lined up tents and residents on Monday evening to deliver samples.

In opposition to financially painful lockdowns and social unrest, some countries have made proposals to let coronaviruses roam the population to build ‘herd immunity’ – where a large portion of the population has been infected, there is no has not enough new prey to jump. Viruses for.

But the World Health Organization said such programs were not working and mass vaccination was needed to work.

Describing this as “scientifically and morally problematic”, WHO chief Tedros Adholm Ghebayeus said on Monday: “To protect people from the virus, immunity is not obtained by them, but by them”.

“Dropping a dangerous virus that we don’t understand works completely for free is just unethical. It is not an option.

To further illustrate this challenge, a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal indicated that exposure to the virus may not guarantee future immunity – and that another infection may be accompanied by even more severe symptoms.

– Vaccine rollback – The epidemic has claimed more than a million lives worldwide and has fueled frantic efforts to develop effective vaccines and treatments.

Some have reached late clinical trials, but optimism was staged Monday when Johnson & Johnson announced it had temporarily halted its 60,000-patient trial due to unexplained illness in one participant.

Ten companies are conducting Phase 3 trials of their candidates around the world, including Johnson & Johnson.

The pharmaceutical giant received nearly $ 1.45 billion in US funding as part of Operation Tana Speed, led by President Donald Trump, eager to give a political boost ahead of the November election with the success of the Coronavirus.

Critics have urged Trump to face the crisis, with more known infections and deaths than anywhere else in the world.

Trump was removed from the election campaign for 10 days after receiving Kovid-19, but returned to the podium on Monday.

“I’ve been through it and now they say I’m immune… I feel so powerful,” Trump told a cheering crowd in Florida.

His claim of immunity is not proven.

‘Holocaust, Holocaust’

European nations are trying to usher in new leaps in the transition, and governments are imposing strict restrictions to avoid devastation from previous outbreaks.

In recent times, cases have increased in France, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

And there was also a spike in Britain, with the highest number of deaths in Europe.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered the Liverpool pub to close as part of a new strategy to deal with rising infections.

He said businesses forced to shut down would gain government support, but their focus on shutting down hosting sites sparked anger.

Simon Ashdown, owner of Chepstow Castle pub in Liverpool, said ‘chaos, chaos’.

“I don’t think there will be a lot of businesses after this lockdown.”

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