China can not rely on the old model of development, time for change: Xi

Beijing, China (China ) President Xi Jinping ( Xi Jinping ) said on Saturday that China’s past dependence on global exports Economic development cannot depend on the model and should build a self-controlled, safe and reliable domestic production and supply system.

For national economic and social development at the session of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), led by Xi 14 The proposal for the preparation of the Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) was approved. In addition to this, a proposal has also been approved to prepare a long-term plan until 2035.

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Under the 14 five-year plan proposed by Xi, a radical change in the country’s domestic market is expected so that China’s export markets Consumption can be increased by reducing dependence on. There is speculation from the vision of Xi 2035 that it will remain in power for the next 2021 years. Can he.

Xi said that a self-controlled, safe and reliable internal production and supply chain should be built to ensure China’s industrial security and national security.


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