China defended the COVID-19 vaccine after the Brazilian president was mocked

President of Brazil Zaire Bolsonaro

China launched vaccine research the day after Brazil canceled a plan to purchase a COVID-19 vaccine. It defended development capabilities. Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro on Wednesday ridiculed the Chinese Covid vaccine, saying that Brazilians are “anyone’s guinea pig” that cannot be made.


BEIJING: China cancels plans to purchase a COVID-19 vaccine from Brazil, defending its vaccine research and development capabilities. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday ridiculed the Chinese Covid vaccine, saying that Brazilians’ cannot make a guinea pig for anyone. He canceled the plan to buy the vaccine from China.

The day before Bolsonaro’s statement, Health Minister Eduardo Pazuelo said that the Chinese Sinovac vaccine with 40 million (‘For the Brazil vaccination program wants to buy a dose of Lac. The Chinese Sinovac vaccine is being tested at the Butanton Institute, a Brazilian research center, and has not yet been approved before Health regulator for use on the human body When asked about Bolsonaro’s comments, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian during a media briefing, he said that China’s capacity for research and development in the field of vaccines is a leader around the world.

He said China is currently working on four vaccines that have reached the third phase of clinical trials. “China’s capabilities in vaccine research and development are being discussed in many countries,” Legian said. He said that China is part of the World Health Organization (WHO) coalition “Kovacs” to distribute the Covid 19 vaccine around the world. Earlier, Bolsonaro said that testing for the Chinese vaccine had not been completed yet. He said: I have decided not to purchase such a vaccine.

It is striking that Brazil is among the countries most affected by the Corona virus. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, so far, millions of people have been found infected with the Coronavirus in Brazil. It is ranked third after the United States and India in terms of infection, while Covid-19 comes second after the United States in deaths. Running so far around 1, 55, in Brazil has died from the Coronavirus.

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