China denies this report tells Americans, US academics say its researchers are

China protects foreigners and legitimate rights, ministry spokesman (representative) said


China denied on Monday that foreign nationals were threatened with arbitrary detention, following a newspaper report that Beijing had warned Washington it could arrest Americans in China.

China’s Foreign Ministry said it was Washington that mistreated foreign nationals, accusing the United States of “outright political repression” of Chinese academics.

“The United States says there is a risk of arbitrary detention of foreign nationals in China and victims are confusing blacks and whites,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing. regular press. China protects foreigners and guarantees legitimate rights, he said.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that Chinese officials have repeatedly warned U.S. government officials that China may detain Americans in response to the Justice Department’s lawsuits against Chinese academics linked to military officials.

In September, a State Department adviser warned against a visit to China, saying the Chinese government used arbitrary detention and exit restrictions for US citizens and others “to take advantage of government bargains. foreigners ”Is that.

The Trump administration has increasingly accused China of using cyber operations and espionage to steal technical, military and other information from the United States. Beijing denies this.

Earlier this year, Chinese prosecutors in June instigated two Canadian nationals to lay espionage charges that were seen by Western governments as punishment for Meng Wenzhou, the financial agent for Huawei Technologies Co. in Canada.

Beijing has denied that Meng’s case was related and has repeatedly called for Meng’s release. China hopes Canada can think more about the future of relations between the two countries and resolve Meng’s case as soon as possible, Zhao said.

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