China finally congratulates Joe Biden as next elected US president almost a week after the results – China congratulated Joe Biden almost a week after the US election results

China had yet to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory.


After nearly a week, China wanted Democrat Joe Biden to win the US presidential elections, ready to become the next US president. China has said it “respects the choice of the American public.” Over the past few years, US-China relations have steadily deteriorated. In Donald Trump’s administration, US relations with China are going through the coldest phase of the past four decades.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wenbin’s spokesman said during a regular press briefing that “we respect the choice of the American public. We congratulate Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris.

Explain that China, Russia and Mexico were among the few countries not to congratulate the outgoing president on his victory. Beijing also said this week that “he saw that Mr. Biden had declared himself the winner.”

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Let me tell you that even after the release of the U.S. election results, President Donald Trump did not officially declare defeat to Biden, as is the tradition of U.S. elections.

According to US media, Biden also won in Arizona Thursday night. He leads the trump by 5 million votes.

However, Donald Trump has accused of rigging the elections permanently. He retweeted the tweet again on Thursday, making a baseless accusation, saying the 2.7 million votes cast in his favor across the country in the election had been “suppressed”. However, U.S. election officials said there was no evidence of compromise in ballots or corruption in the voting process.

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