China looked down on Hong Kong, intimidated China, launched this threat to Western countries

Beijing: in support of Hong Kong China has been dwarfed by the rise in international voices. China has threatened Western countries, including the United States, that every eye that rises to its sovereignty and security will be destroyed.

Opposing the new law

The Beijing declaration came after objections raised by the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain over China’s Hong Kong policy. All of these countries have formed a group called the Five Eyes to protect the fundamental rights of the people of Hong Kong. He explains that the Chinese Communist government has enacted a new law to disqualify Hong Kong’s elected representatives.

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Serious consequences will be suffered

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned Western countries: “No matter how many eyes there are, if someone interferes with our sovereignty and security, his eye will be taken out.” He further stated that China never creates any problems or is afraid of anything. Western countries should be vigilant, otherwise they will face serious consequences.

Hastakshap not tolerated

The Chinese spokesman said that the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain are interfering in China’s internal affairs, which cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. Referring to the Five Eyes Group, he said he has five eyes or ten, it doesn’t matter. If they harm us in any way, then we too will be forced to act. We can blow up every eye that rises to China.

Weakening of autonomy

) Significantly, the foreign ministers of these five countries issued a joint statement and expressed their opposition to the applicable law from China to disqualify Hong Kong’s elected representative. On behalf of foreign ministers, it was said that after the implementation of the National Security Law and the postponement of the Legislative Council elections to be held in September, the decision undermined Hong Kong’s high level of autonomy, rights and independence. Kong.

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