China prepares in the middle of the conflict: the army is ready for the suicide attackers by drones

Long before any war Planning has to be done. After that, the enemy country must instill the fear of not being able to win from it. China specializes in this game. He often does tricks to scare India by releasing propaganda videos. This time he tried to panic in the mind of not just India but the whole world. Prepared the Drone Liberation Army. That is, it has a whole army of “Suicide Drones” that can attack anywhere and anytime with the help of a finger.

According to reports, China has tested not one or two 200 drone missiles. These drone missiles can attack not just a target but many points around it at the same time. This is what makes these drone missiles the most dangerous. According to reports, it has been called a “suicide drone” developed by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. China Electronics has also released a video testing drone missiles.

China poses a threat to the world

The biggest threat to the world right now is China. The whole world blames China for the Corona virus, which is why China has prepared another world waste item. This Chinese drone army is a weapon of mass destruction. This is a weapon that will attack at the behest of the fingers and with too much precision. Without any errors.


Non air defense system to face the “army of drones”

To fight the army of drones, no country in the world has prepared a high-tech air defense system. That is, when the drone army attacks, the air defense systems of countries like America or Israel will fail. When the drone army hits hundreds of bombs at once, the air defense system won’t even know which bomb to hit first.

Airborne name of suicide drone CH – 901

These are small drone missiles that can attack any target on the ground or in the air. These drones are present inside a tubular launcher. Those who greet the enemy’s whereabouts, when they receive a hint The drone has front and rear wings and also has a sensor to identify the target. The specialty of drone missiles is that they can be launched from any light vehicle or helicopter.

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Suicide Drones Can Be Launched 48 at a Time

Let us know that the Chinese Electronics Academy successfully tested 200 drone missiles last month. In the year 2017 he tested the small drone 120. He managed to fly these drones together like an army. This technique allows you to immediately drop 48 suicide drones.


In the coming times, the war will be dominated by technology. Now whatever war there will be, it will be a war with drones. Only those who have high-tech drone attacks will be successful. Until now, only countries like America and Israel had such suicide drones. But now China has also been successful in this. Its success is a threat to the whole world and to India.

Report of the Bureau, Zee Media

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