China should work with us to achieve common goals, says China

Special things have been said, the armies of the two countries will protect their sovereignty and security interests, in two days, video conferencing is important to keep in touch with the two forces in the current Beijing situation :

The Chinese Defense Ministry said the United States should move with China towards common goals rather than provocative actions in its surrounding sea and airspace. At the same time, China has also decided to protect its security interests. took. Chinese defense spokesman Colonel Wu Chien told an online press briefing Thursday that senior Chinese and US military officials had a phone conversation last week to strengthen contacts, manage correctly differences and disagreements and share It was agreed to expand cooperation in areas of interest.

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He said that instead of taking action to provoke the sea and airspace around China, the United States should go with China towards the same goal. Chien also said that the forces of both countries had a video on crisis communication in the past two days. The conference said the two sides plan to hold seminars in mid-November and December through video conferences on military humanitarian aid, disaster relief and maritime security. Some South China Sea islands disputed via drones by the United States On reports of an attack on China, Chien said that the United States Defense Minister Mark Asper,

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He said it is very important to maintain contact between the two forces under the current circumstances. We urge the United States to keep its promise and prevent the military from taking provocative measures in the sea and airspace around China and to stop any action that undermines the fundamental interests of the United States. China. He said that if anyone dares to start a conflict in the sea, China will fight firmly and defend its sovereignty and security interests.

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