China’s illegal long-distance fishing destroys economy and environment | World news

The illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) exclusive economic zones of several countries by Chinese ships are destroying the economies and environments of many emerging countries.

This particularly affects developing and coastal countries, and has contributed to the reduction of stocks of fish, including endangered species across several continents.

China’s DWF (Distant Water Fishing) fleet has about 12000-17000 ships, and about 1000 Chinese ships have flagged countries outside of China. The fleet began as an overfishing of squid in the waters of North and South Korea and Japan, and has now expanded into Latin America and West Africa.

Unfortunately, in Latin America and West Africa, most countries in the region are unable to effectively monitor and monitor the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In fact, Chinese ships caught fish in Senegal equivalent to a yearly catch. Chinese IUU fishing in North Korean waters has depleted the area’s squid.

Contributing to this illegal fishing industry is China’s domestic demand, accounting for 60-65% of its stake worldwide, the highest number.

China uses three methods to hide the involvement of illegal fishing. Chinese boats’darken’ when they are near the EEZ of other countries, a large number of Chinese ships are displayed outside of China. Concealed ownership to violate local laws under complex laws.

DWF is receiving a lot of subsidies from Beijing because most of the waters near its own coast are overfished.

The Chinese government has said it plans to cut subsidies for DWF by 60%, but even that means China remains the world’s largest supplier.

China, saying it is a’developing country’, has declined to join the WTO-led effort to halt subsidies to DWF. The state has not yet signed the 2016 Port State Action Agreement, a United Nations treaty requiring closure of ports for illegal fishing vessels.

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