China’s Open Threat – If America Sells Arms to Taiwan, Then …

Beijing: China (China) has said If America starts the process of selling more than a billion dollars worth of advanced weapons to Taiwan, it will retaliate. The statement by the Chinese Ministry of Defense did not say clearly about the action, but this development indicates a further deterioration in relations between China and the United States, which is in the worst phase of recent decades.

In a statement released late Thursday evening, US and Taiwanese military officials to avoid deterioration of relations or serious consequences between China and the US and their militaries and for peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait has been requested. ” cancellation of the sales process and all related negotiations. The statement said that if this was not possible, the Chinese side would be forced to take full revenge.

The US State Department announced Wednesday that it targeted 135 Taiwanese to bolster its defense capabilities. The sale of things has been approved. The department said in a statement that the deal is worth more than a billion dollars. The missiles are manufactured by Boeing.

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